March Oakland Art Murmur

Saw bucketfuls of art on Friday during the Oakland Art Murmur. We began our journey at the Front Gallery for their “Aftersight” show.

Francesca Pera‘s work…

Here is Carolyn Haydu’s work…

Here is Rocky Angel‘s work…

Then it was over to Mercury 20 for Charlie Milgrim and Eric Bohr’s “Vexing History”

Here is Charlie Milgrim and her work…

And Eric Bohr’s work…

Upstairs is the Chandra Cerrito Gallery.

Here is Kathryn Kenworth‘s work…

And a large photo in the round by Steve Bird…

Then it was off to the Fort Gallery (not to be confused with Front). Fort gets the award for funnest show at the Murmur. The show is “billow / ripple – new works by Eliza Fernand” and it you should check it out. Here is Eliza’s work…

There is Eliza slightly left of center…

Then we checked out Rock Paper Scissors where there is this cool (and arguably just as fun as the Fort show) “Cardboard City.” Here is the press release…

For the last two months, RPSC has led cardboard sculpture classes with developmentally disabled artists at Creative Growth, taught by local artist James Ferrell as part of RPSC’s Community Collaborations Project. Twice a week, Ferrell and RPSC volunteers have guided students through the process of creating their own cardboard sculpture from original 2D drawings to large-scale 3D sculptures. The finished pieces will be installed in RPSC’s gallery with the help of Mark Inglis Taylor ( and Nat Russell ( who will add their fantastic imagery to compliment and reflect the imaginations of Creative Growth artists, creating the backdrop for the exhibition.

Then we stopped by the Buzz Gallery were the show “Sacrificial Bliss – works by Danny Neece” is up. Here is Danny’s work…

Hatch Gallery has a nice print show up…

21 Grand has works by Daniel Healey and Damon Smith.

Here is Daniel and his work…

And some of Damon’s work…

Phew! and fianally there was a warehouse show/event over in Emeryville sponsored by Amoeba Records featuring art by Amoeba employees. Here are some pics from the end of the night…

Billy Sprague

Lane Brookshire

Lori Katz

Shawn Williams

Valenta de Regal

Had a nice ending at the post arting review meeting…

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3 Responses to “March Oakland Art Murmur”

  1. 1 Chloe March 10, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    the cardboard city project is so amazing! how whimsical and creative! and i love the collaborative effort.

    i also really like your shots of the print show. i’m a gallery director in oregon and i’ve been trying to convince my partner that its perfectly acceptable to hang paper prints without frames. i think it adds an element of accessibility, and detracts from the preciousness of the work (in a good way). sometimes i get customers that feel like buying a piece of art is intimidating, i think that kind of organic, simplified presentation would detract from art purchase jitters.

  2. 2 John Casey March 10, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    It is perfectly acceptable especially in today’s economy. I’m going to have 20+ unframed drawings in my upcoming solo at Swarm in Oakland. I can’t afford to frame them even if I did it myself.

  3. 3 charlie milgrim March 16, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Hi John,

    I love the pix you shot at my opening at Mercury20- I would love it if you could send me the 4 that involve my work (and me) so I could use them on my site. I promise I will come and be YOUR personal paparazzi at Swarm-

    Thanks for the nanoseconds -Charlie

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