Wolf Penis


Did you know prehistoric Dire Wolves that roamed North America had penis bones? So that must mean that dogs have penis bones? So then I find out that most mammals have penis bones. Why? It aids in accuracy in short copulation sessions. Apparenty walrus penis bones can be 30″ long. This is why I love museums. You can aquire all of these awesome fun facts. So Mary and I visited the LaBrea Tarpits in LA. They are still active today. Crude asphalt bubbling up from fissures in the earth create the perfect sticky trap for animals from as far back as 40k years. Between 1913 to 1915 alone, over 10k specimins were excavated from the pits and new pits emerge and are excavated. North America used to be home to camels, horses, saber-tooth cats, mastadons, mammoths, sloths, and a lion. All became extinct for several possible reasons but imagine it?






All of these are Dire Wolf skulls. The disply has a Damien Hirst feel about it.

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