January Art Murmur


Some Oakland First Friday shows…

Hatch Gallery: Preview 09

Hatch Gallery starts the new year off with a selection of artists who will be featured in upcoming shows over the course of 2009. The mediums are varied, as are the concepts and the majority of the work is strong and compelling. This show bodes well for the months to come at this former Ego Park location.

Artists include: Tim Brown, Ross Campbell, Nate Crane, Michael Deane, Jason Tyler Grace, Evan Holme, Stephani Martinez, Nathaniel Russell, Peter St. Lawrence, Mark Inglis Taylor, Jamie Spinello, Derek Weisberg and David Wilson.

Art by Derek Weisberg.

Art by Derek Weisberg.

Art by Nataniel Russell.

Art by Evan Holm.

Art by Nate Crane.

Art by Stephani Martinez (left) and Tim Brown (right).

Art by Jamie Spinello.

Art by Mark Inglis Taylor.

Art by Mark Inglis Taylor (detail).

Art by David Wilson.

Art by David Wilson (detail).

Steak art by Tim Brown.


Fort Gallery: Scope

Fort Gallery features a group show with each artist’s work occupying one of several rooms in this catacomb-like venue. Formally the home of Esteban Sabar Gallery, Fort kicks it up several notches with art that is both fresh and energetic. This show features work by Christopher Wilson, Billy Sprague, Katherine Montalato, Rob Rachine, Laura Garzon, and Chris Dennis.

Art by Christopher Wilson.

Art by Christopher Wilson.

Art by Laura Garzon.

Art by Laura Garzon.

Art by Billy Sprague.

Billy Sprague and his art.

Art by Billy Sprague.

Art by Chris Dennis.

Art by Chris Dennis.


Buzz Gallery: Crystal, Clouds, and Castles: New work by Obi Kaufmann

Oakland art icon and Swee(t)art Magazine publisher obi Kaufman adorns the walls of the Buzz Gallery (aka Mama Buzz Cafe) with painted skateboard decks and works on paper. Although painted skate decks are a tried and true format in the Bay Area, Kaufmann’s sci-fi creatures and and alien fantasies transform these simple modes of transportation into something a bit more intergalactic. Curated by Lisa Calderon.

Art by Obi Kaufmann.

Art by Obi Kaufmann.

Art by Obi Kaufmann.

Art by Obi Kaufmann.

Art by Obi Kaufmann.


3 Responses to “January Art Murmur”

  1. 1 billy sprague January 5, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    hey john! thanks for putting this out there! nice to see some of the other gallerys stuff up as i was pretty much attached to the Fort the whole night, i think the Fort had a strong show and it was alot of fun, lets draw together once our studios warm up!

  2. 2 Lisa January 6, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Looking forward to working with local Oakland art professionals! Thanks for writing about the show it was nice seeing everyone out together!

    Lisa Aurora Calderon

  3. 3 John Casey January 6, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Hells Bells it was a good time. Looking forward to February.

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