February First Thursday

Headed out to First Thursday in SF. Many shows were rollovers from January but there were some interesting shows. Gregory Lind was showing paintings by Jim Gaylord

Rena Bransten has a group show called “Complicity: Contemporary Photography and the Matter of Sculpture” and features the work of Ginny Cook, Igor Eskinja, Daniel Gordon, Cynthia Greig, Chris Jones, and Vik Muniz.

Igor Eskinja

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, this motorcycle is made from magazine, book and poster images, board, wood, and wire. Pretty darn awesome.

Cynthia Greig

Cynthia Greig, these photos seem to be of objects painted white and then traced with pencil so they can look like drawings.

Frey Norris was showing the visceral paintings of Josh Hagler. Most of these are quite large…

This image is from the artist’s website.

Then we swung by a new gallery called Ever Gold. They were packed for thier debut show. Tough to view the work but they had unending Sapporos…

Then we headed over to Upper Playground for the Greg “Craola” Simkins show…

My art…


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