Rui Ramalhinho

Rui Ramalhinho sent me these two sonnets he wrote for two of my artworks. I am quite honored!


birthday_boy_lgYou’re the boy who missed out
on successive birthdays;
you’d be perfecting your snout
with the blood of ashtrays

You’re the boy who killed himself
successively and never bled
‘cos you’re a boy-elf.

Sit down inside your corner,
see the other kids’ sandwiches
become caressing witches;

and you’re the untimely mourner:
you knew they wouldn’t eat
you ‘cos you’re 13 and unfit.

little_danny_daffodil_sm2Little Danny Daffodil went for a ride
in the garden of liquorish blackbirds
and it was like his first time outside;
the smell of flights in a tiny single word:

the ever dark twilight of hanging cloths.
Oh! He was brave and quite mature
when he skipped aptly through the moths
who were hunting hints of the future

in fluorescent tubes. Never looked back.
Little Danny Daffodil cycling the night
forever, embracing the Deep Black.

Little Danny Daffodil went for a ride
and was kidnapped with delight:
he lives now far and wide.

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Trumpet Flowers, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 14” x 11”, 2018 #art #drawing #pencil #coloredpencils #studiotime


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