40th St. Corridor ArtQuest

Saturday night was a bit rainy but that did not stop tons of folks walking from one gallery location to another. Rowan Morrison features the work of Derek Weisberg. The show is called “OLAM HABA: The World To Come” and features over 30 handmade clay pieces ranging from wall-mounted portrait busts to standing full figures in the round, all candlelit.

Then the candles were lit and the lights went down. For the first half hour or so, after the violin solo by Nadia and despite the gallery being full of people, everyone spoke in hushed tones as if in a church.

At Manifesto Bikes there was a nice group show in their compact gallery in the back. I got my single speed bike there. It’s a great shop owned and staffed by nice folks.

Jaime Lakatos


Task-1 (detail)

Nathaniel Parsons spins his cool piece.

More Jake Watling (can’t get enough!)

Mr. Dave Higgins

Obi Kaufmann was holding the fort at the Premium Gallery with his show “Robot Volcano”.

Obi with Brian Caraway. Brian is having a show at Zza’s, opening this Saturday, February 28th. Should be a good one.

art fan

My art…


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