Alphonse Berber Gallery

I got an email from Cameron Jackson, the co-director of the brand new Alphonse Berber Gallery, inviting me to come by and check out their debut show. The gallery is housed in a 7200 sq. ft. Julia Morgan-designed building across from UC Berkeley. Upon entering the gallery I was immediately confronted with the large kinetic work of Reuben Margolin (above). I first saw this work at Swarm Gallery and it still makes me smile.

Julia C. S. Davis

The gallery combines high-end art with affordable works and wearable art. Usually the merchandising aspect of art ends up relegated to the “shop area” of a given gallery. But here the spectrum of objects is combined rather successfully. It’s nice to see affordable art shown in the same context with gallery art.

Yvonne Mouser


Molly McGrath’s laser-cut bamboo jewelry

Angie Crabtree

Laura Kramer

MachineHistories white lamps and light sculpture by Christina Pierson

Justin Margitich

Emily Jan

Yvonne Mouser

Ties by Cyberoptics

Sustainable felt totes by Josh Jakus

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  1. 1 Sue Tom November 24, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    Love that statement – “If it ain’t good, Make it BIG”

    I am a mix media artist, and have worked and volunteered in S.F. Elementary Schools, so my work has to be made small. Now I am living in a reirement facility, and again my work from necessity “Small”! Never thought that I would be exhibiting my work however with membership in AAWAA, my work is small- however work has sold.

    Wondeer what would happen if I had spaces larage enough to “Make it Big!”

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