Mindthegap @ Prism in L.A.

Whilst in LA last weekend, MKC and I ventured out to various art venues. Before we left on our trip, my pal Derek Weisberg mentioned a show he saw at a new space called Prism on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood featuring the work of Phil Frost and Barry McGee. This inaugural show is an impressive survey of work from both artists. Plus, the building architecture is more of an airy three-story museum than a mere gallery. The first floor features art by both artists, but McGee’s work is primarily on display here…

Phil Frost gourds and bowl amidst Twist.

Upstairs is the work of Phil Frost. I like his use of the American flag…

“Mindthegap” runs through February 20th. Check it out if you are in the area!

My art…


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