Cynosure @ UC Berkeley

Cynosure: New Work from East Bay Galleries
January 27-February 20
Reception Wednesday, January 27, 4-7 PM
Worth Ryder Gallery, 116 Kroeber Hall, Berkeley CA 94720

Curated by Anuradha Vikram

Participating Galleries: Alphonse Berber, Art @ the Oakbook, Blankspace Gallery, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Hatch Gallery, krowswork, Johansson Projects, Terminal 22, Pueblo Nuevo Gallery, Rowan Morrison, and Swarm Gallery.

Cynosure: guiding star, center of attraction. For Cynosure, eleven newer East Bay galleries have been invited to present a sampling of the emerging talents with whom they work. Though the artists included hail from near and far, they all represent the distinctive character of East Bay contemporary art.

The East Bay contemporary art scene has been gaining increasing recognition in recent years. What began as a loose network of artist collectives is evolving into a vibrant new gallery district that has, in the last three years, established a reputation for making challenging art accessible to a broad public of viewers and collectors. These galleries provide an important forum for emerging artists, including students and graduates of UC Berkeley’s Art Practice program, as they are the first point of entry into the professional landscape for so many young talents. These spaces, in the backyard of Berkeley’s campus, also provide experiential learning opportunities for art students and art appreciators from throughout our community.

Laura Ball

Mark Dukes

Christina Empedocles

Justin Margitich

Jenn Shifflet

Derek Weisberg and Mark Dukes

Peter Foucault

Peter Foucault’s robot drawing machine

Peter Foucault’s robot drawing machine

A collection of artists from Terminal22

Jana Flynn

Keer Tanchack

Jennie Ottinger

Julia Shirar

Michelle Huber

Ethan Worden

Derek Weisberg

In the side gallery is a great amateur-style, haunted-house-like installation by a Cal student (whose name I forget). There was a point where I almost panicked when I thought I could not fit through the very slender exit. I could have imagined fleeing and bulling my way through the plastic walls stumbling over the Cal kids on the way out.

My art…


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