Monster Drawing ’10

This year marked Southern Exposure’s 10th Annual Monster Drawing Rally and fundraiser. I was a bit more relaxed at this year’s MDR and it was a fun time overall. Still quite intense though. A lot of very talented artists this year as in past years. Thanks as always to my lovely wife MKC who took many of these pictures.

Get ready…



A half hour later.

Tashana Kjelland

Serena Cole (left) and Tracy Timmins

Vanessa Marsh

Ben Venom (left), Jon Clary, and Paul Madonna (right)

Nancy Chan

Kyle Ranson and Monica Canilao

Olivia Park

Richard Coleman

Alexis Lopez

Paul Solis

Kirk Stoller

Charlie Callahan

Erik Parra to my left

My second drawing!

Kevin Taylor

My pal Mada Bass got this awesome Kevin Taylor.

Jamie Vasta

Christine Wong Yap

Adam Green

Matt Furie

Ryan De La Hoz

Tim Armstrong

My art…

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Birdie, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 17” x 14”, 2018 #art #drawing #pencil #coloredpencils #paper #studiotime


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