Stoller, Bernstein, & Hattori @ Swarm

First up we have Kirk Stoller‘s work at Swarm. These hinged assemblages lay flat on the wall or fold up into lively looking sculptures. I mentioned they were pose-able, like action figures and somewhat minimalist. Darren Jenkins of 21 Grand coined the term “post-minimalist, truth to materials, action figures.” I think Kirk paints some of the parts so I’m not sure how “true” all of the surfaces are. Either way, I am really digging these.

Elizabeth Bernstein’s photographs “show the gritty alchemy of human connection, our vulnerabilities, imperfections, and foibles” according to to the press release. I like the immediacy of them.

Taro Hattori has work in the project space. His paper and wood craft objects are really terrific.

My art…


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