The Compound Gallery

The Compound Gallery in Oakland celebrates it’s new digs with a nice groups show of Compound Studio artists. The show features work by Alison Offill-Klein, Alissa Goss, Annie Frykholm, Crystal Morey, David Spiher, Dominic Nguyen, Eric Sanchez, Faye Kendall, Jaime Lakatos, Jeanne Lorenz, Jocelyn Meggait, Julian Birchman, Kelsey Robinson, Kerri Lee Johnson, Lena Verderano Reynoso, Marie Reich, Matt Reynoso, Michelle Morby, Norakiera Heiser, Ryan McJunkin, Sophie Leininger, Takehito Etani, and Tallulah Terryll.

Swee(t)art Gallery also has a new drawing show as well featuring work by Steven Barich, Moises Aragon, Mike Eli, Dave Higgins, and David Seiler.

The Compound’s open studios in the back add to the overall art ambiance.

My art…


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