September Art Murmur

Mark Baugh-Sasaki at Krowswork

I only made it out to a few Oakland Art Murmur shows this month. Here’s a sampling below. The photos I have for Mark Baugh-Sasaki’s show at Krowswork do not do it justice. You should go check it out for sure. I didn’t catch the artist’s name at Mama Buzz. Bad me. Anyone know who this is? Edmund Wyss‘s cameras painted on photo background paper at Hatch Gallery are rather mind-blowing. And Shawn G. Pacheco‘s work at FM is just downright wacky.

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  1. 1 dave higgins September 12, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Interesting stuff this fine September and a nice tribute to Basil Wolverton by Mr. Pacheco… inspiration, homage,or other credit is due.

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