Art Publishing Now @ SOEX

Southern Exposure is hosting the Art Publishing Now Event this weekend. On Sunday 10/10/10, many Bay Area art publishers will be part of a book fair that runs from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm. Rowan Morrison, publishers of my book “Scarecrow” will be there pushing their book lineup: Junk Pirate Vol. 1 by Pete Glover (2006), Killer Cuts and Killing Shapes (2007) by Tokyo artist Ryohei Tanaka, The Rowan Morrison Found Paper Journal (2007, 2009), Scarecrow (2008) by Oakland artist John Casey, and I See It All (2009) by Oakland artist Deth P. Sun.

My art…

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Great show of animal-California-song-lyrics drawing-paintings by @poopingrabbit at @longweekendstore in Oakland. #art #drawing #painting #oaklandartgallery


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