Samara Halperin @ SoEx

From Southern Exposure‘s press release for Samara Halperin‘s installation titled “West of the Wonder Wheel”…

“In preparation for filming the sequel to her award-winning experimental stop-motion hit Tumbleweed Town, filmmaker and artist Samara Halperin takes over Southern Exposure’s gallery to construct an interactive sculptural wonderland in miniature. Combining filmed footage from Coney Island, found objects and handmade props, Halperin pays homage to Coney Island’s recently demolished Astroland Park as the backdrop for the further adventures of two cowboys in love.

Also on display in the gallery: A selection of experimental short films about amusement parks past and present curated by Halperin. Films include a short live-action film by Halperin called Astroland as well as films from the Coney Island Psychoanalytic Dream Society.”

My art…


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