Get Surreal @ The Exploratorium

I participated in a live drawing event at The Exploratorium in SF. The Exploratorium hosts an “After Dark” event where a 21+ crowd gets to play around with the science contraptions that kids usually get to play with. The theme of the night was surrealism so some artists from Live Art Wednesdays were asked to participate in some surreal “exquisite corpse” drawing practices. Five Oakland artists worked two very large “corpses” and also drew with the public on smaller “corpses.” I should have shot the paste-up wall at the end. It was completely plastered with drawings.

(from the left) Sarah Filley, John Casey, Alison Tharp, Alex Rosmarin, August Varalack (organizer), and Obi Kaufmann.

My art…

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I caught up with my old pal Scout in Orinda yesterday. I’m impressed with all his new merit badges and fancy headwear. #art #sculpture #collector #scout


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