Rui Ramalhinho

Rui Ramalhinho has written a sonnet for my recent pencil work “Germinate.” Very, very cool.

Everybody’s dead now and you call it
a garden. The worms have grown
wings and birds are fished with vomit:
the starry gloss of an ancient throne.

You’ve now gathered all the tools
to transplant more walls and ladders;
you rise from your tomb and new rules
are forever yours: ignore the others.

New-dead, new-born, everybody’s dead
and you’re the garden. And you call it
a garden. They’ve heard it in Egypt

and a grand commemoration is said
to be underway; the truth is, this is
no garden, it’s your fucking head.

~ Rui Ramalhinho

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  1. 1 Ronny February 9, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    This is awesome. Great post. It springs a thousand ideas….How ya doing John casey?

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