Stand Tall @ Old Crow

Adonis DNA!!

Some pics of a fraction of the art that’s up at Old Crow in the current “Stand Tall” show. I think we did alright with our exquisite corpse entry. Stop by if you are in Oakland and check out the show. It’s chock full o’ arty goodies! Thanks to Dave Higgins, Nathaniel Parsons, and Obi Kaufmann for collaborating on this little experiment!

Ken Davis

Upsidedown Corpse

I like this one!

The tatttoo parlor area.


Flip it!

Upsideright Corpse


The Old Guard

Oh, and here are the front images. You can guess who did what…

Corpse Rightsideup Front

And the “back” …

Corpse Upsidedown Back

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  1. 1 Obi Kaufmann March 7, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Well, I’m bummed I wasn’t in the group shot, but I was there in spirit!

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