Welcome Kazakstan

I’m always intrigued by new flags/countries/visitors on my flag counter. Welcome Kazakhstan visitor! I hope your visit was pleasant. I’d love to travel to a bunch of these locations someday.

Sorry for the slacking on the blogging lately. I saw a boatload of shows this weekend and I hope to post those pics soon. In the meantime I’ve been monkeying with some sculpture ideas for an upcoming show at Double Punch. Trying to keep the sculpting and decoration super loose and spontaneous. I’m probably just making a mess. But I’m enjoying it…

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  1. 1 Michele Theberge March 7, 2011 at 5:58 am

    Hey John!

    Don’t apologize for slacking! I am amazed you post so frequently I’m not always able to read your posts, but I especially appreciated this one because, as you know, I am so interested in the creative process and I thank you for taking us behind the scenes in the development of a piece.

    I want to do the same thing at some point on a blog. I love photo documenting the various phases a piece goes through because it can change so radically. But I have to get over myself a bit first. I am afraid to show the ugly awkward phases of the piece. Especially if the piece doesn’t work out!

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