There is No Telling @ Double Punch

My installation at Double Punch

Such a fun show on Saturday at Double Punch with Erik Otto (SF), Parskid (Seattle), Justin Lovato (BERKELEY) and Jon Vermilyea (LA). If you wish to see pricing or purchase work, the Big Cartel store is here.

Full Coverage on left, Gold Butt on right

Gold Butt

Thorny on the left, Gold Feather on the right

Gold Feather

Gulls on the left, Gold Hat on the right

Gold Hat

A Pox Upon Ye


Eric Otto

Eric Otto

Eric Otto left, Parskid



Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato

Justin Lovato

Jon Vermilyea

Not sure what this is all about but I really wanted to paint their horns gold...

Justin Lovato, John Casey, curator Ryan De La Hoz, Parskid, Eric Otto

My art…


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