Copenhagen Beer

After a very short plane trip from Amsterdam, MKC and me and the Trappist crew landed in beautiful Copenhagen. Our first stop after getting settled in our hotel was at Mikkeller Bar. There was a party there celebrating the release of the Three Floyd’s and Mikkeller collaboration brews. The place was packed! Mikkeller beer is probably the most popular small craft beer brewery in Denmark and the massive crowd at the bar conveyed that popularity. Many thanks to Adriana P. for the extra photos!!

I'm loving all the beer colors.

Very tasty spicy dry sausage was served!

Charlie's Bar

There are a lot of great, very old bars in Copenhagen. Charlie’s is a British bar with hand pumped, cask ale. The imperial stouts we had later in the week were off-loaded from a ship that was recreating the North Sea – Baltic Sea beer trade route from London to St. Petersburg,

Great Imperial Stouts!

Beer Fest crowd

Ultimately we were in town for the Ølfestival København 2011 and the debut of Wet Dream! Wet Dream is the collaboration between Evil Twin Brewing in Copenhagen and The Trappist bar in Oakland. I was asked by Aaron Porter to design the beer label and a t-shirt to go along with the beer. Wet Dream is truly a wet dream. A nice and dry brown IPA. A little spicy and full of citrus flavors. The espresso leaves a lovely finish. I’m not sure when the beer will debut at The Trappist. Hopefully soon!

Beer Fest crowd

Tasting the apltly named Wet Dream for the first time! So good!!

The Wet Dream sold out in two hours!

Lunch offering at the fest.

MKC in the house!!

Evil Twin owner Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

Chuck (L) and Aaron (R) of the Trappist with Mikkel (C) of Mikkeller.

Wet Dream Label

My art…


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