Art on Art @ The OMCA

Zhan Wang, Gold Mountain Collection

I was asked to participate in the “Art on Art” program at the Oakland Museum of California. Usually artists wander about the OMCA galleries sketching various works of art or people or really whatever, it’s a pretty free-form exercise in inspiration. My buddy Derek Weisberg also participated.

Barry McGee installation

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen

Michael C. McMillen

Michael Lucero

Viola Frey on the right

Enrique Chagoya

David Huffman

Richard Shaw

Mel Ramos

John Baldessari

Derek Weisberg working hard.

Me working hard.


Ruth Asawa (left), Arthur Carpenter (center), not sure on the right

Stephen De Staebler

Some of my sketches.

Some more sketches...

Huey Newton

Michael C. McMillen

Derek imagines his work amongst the OMCA Figurative Clay collection.

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  1. 1 bad jones rising June 11, 2011 at 7:45 am

    First of all, lol @ “doods”

    And thanks for introducing me to McMiillen. Awesome stuff. All sketch-worthy.

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