Tall Tales: Superhero

Each morning, when I awake, I am surprised to be alive.

Or maybe it’s disappointed.

At night, I lie in bed, trying to will myself across the galaxy to another place and time, or an alternate dimension. Sometimes, I try to think myself out of existence just to see if it’s possible. But that never works. I don’t have special powers.

If I could pick one superpower, I’d choose the ability to communicate in any language. But there would have to be safeguards or one could go crazy. You can’t have every living creature cluttering one’s mind up with chatter. Humans? Check. Birds and bees? No. Cats and dogs? Maybe.

I lie in bed defining my new superpower. What are the rules? What is the point? What happens if aliens land? Am I the ambassador for all of humanity? That would be cool but stressful. So much responsibility. And who do I report to, the president? What if I don’t like the president? Am I a free agent or a government spy? It’s not easy being a hero.

Eventually, I fall asleep.

And then it’s morning. And I’m still me.


Writing: Mary Kalin-Casey
Drawing: John Casey

My art…

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Trumpet Flowers, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 14” x 11”, 2018 #art #drawing #pencil #coloredpencils #studiotime


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