UNC Asheville!

I’ve been invited by the students in the University of North Carolina Asheville’s Art Front organization to be their guest juror for their annual student exhibition. After a full day of travel from Oakland to Asheville, and a pizza and beer dinner with students Michael and Ashley, it was on to the epic task of choosing works for a concise group show. I chose from over 100 works and culled it down to about 40 strong pieces. Curating can be difficult. I want to make a visually cohesive show but the works are very diverse. I absolutely have my own aesthetic and, although I have curated a number of shows, jurying a show this large is a challenge. I now have a much bigger appreciation for judges of juried exhibitions. I also have to award prizes. Not an easy task. Anyway, here are the remaining works being arranged and staged by professor Leisa Rundquist and hung by Art Front students. Tonight is a live group art-making event and potluck. I’ll try and get pics from that plus show pics tomorrow. Phew!

My art…


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