UNCA 45th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition


What a fantastic experience it was to jury the UNCA 45th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition! The students and staff and teachers are all great. The UNCA art program is strong, and the percentage of solid work I had to choose from was quite high. Here are some of the exhibition pics. Most of the works in the show are shown here, but I’m sure I missed a few. If so, my apologies. Or better yet, send me a pic of the missing piece(s) and the artist’s name, and I will add it in. I also hope I got all of the artist names correct. Feel free to comment with corrections and I will make the fix. Some of these pics were taken by UCNA folks. The list of awards I gave out are down below. Thanks to all the good folks at UNCA and Art Front. You guys made this experience one I will cherish! You all rock!!

Best of Show: Wait for Me by Tatiana Potts

2nd Place: Henna Hands by Emma Bussard

3rd Place: I Spoke to You in the Dessert by Mary Claire Becker

Honorable Mention: Untitled by Emily Ellison

Honorable Mention: Reliquaries I, II, and II by Katie Johnson

Honorable Mention: charles and peggy by Michael Riesch

Honorable Mention: The Skin I Live In by Christina Templeton

Honorable Mention: Middlebrook by Amy Zwierzynski

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  1. 1 Hallie Rogers March 29, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    John, It was so great to have met you and for you to share your experiences with us all. I hope to run into you again down the road, I wish you the best! You are one of the most down to earth and awesome artists I have ever met and I truly appreciate your time you spent with us at UNCA ! Don’t forget about us!

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