Sprague & Hydeon @ Famous Four Colors Gallery

Not to be missed! One of my favorite artists, Billy Sprague, is having an exhibitions of collaborative works with Hydeon at Famous Four Colors Gallery in downtown Oakland opening on First Friday’s Oakland Art Murmur, June 1, 7pm-11pm. Billy’s work alone is always a treat but something extra magical happens when he collaborated with other artists. Save the date and be there!

From the press release…

“This collection of collaborative drawings, “Metaphysical Graffiti” explores the power of positive projections throughout time and space. A harnessing of goodwill, friendship and love towards others. Stirred visions shared in mind through hand. They are playful explorations into the fundamentals of Being and the space around these states. Meditative chambers, mountains birthing crystals, third eye awareness and mushroom guided revelation pathways…

Billy Sprague & Hydeon Metaphysical Graffiti Opening June 1st 7pm. A document of explorations leading to worlds unknown and humbleness from the realization they exist.

Are we really in control of our realities? Brooding omniscient eyes are all the while watching. Swords of gods inject wounds that release stimuli and cause chaotic interruption.

A “centering” is in constant demand yet ego’s desires twist our travels. Chicago artist Hydeon and Oakland based Billy Sprague combine their own visions to depict what might be out there and illuminate some possible ways to navigate.”

My art…


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