Cardburg @ Bedford Gallery

Finally, FINALLY got up to Walnut Creek, CA to the Bedford Gallery to see the Cardburg exhibition. Met up with Jake Watling and director Carrie Lederer was kind enough to give us a little insight to this monster project. Holy crap what a sight! There were a half a dozen artists working on this beast of a show creating a mini cardboard city, a series of carport naves, a boom box sound tower, and a Velodrome race track. Seriously… HOLY CRAP!! The very first thing I thought when I entered the gallery was “Josh Short is involved in a HUGE way!” You can see some of Josh’s previous shenanigans here. Thanks to Matt Peterson who was on deck to run a car around the track for us. Anyway, this bad boy runs through August 12, 2012. Better late than never!

Oh, and here is a funny promo video for the exhibition that the folks at “Cardboard Institute of Technology” put together…

My art…


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