Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom, Margaret Casey, is a great mom. She taught my brothers and myself many things like family loyalty, kindness to others, cooking, cleaning, sewing, and self respect. She also taught us to respect women and see them as peers and equals always (though I often think women are a solid notch above men in many departments). Peg has many careers beside super mom; she’s been a TWA flight attendant, office manager, registered nurse, and executive in the local VNA. To this day she is always active in her community organizing a huge bike ride for charity called “We Bike for Kids,” and volunteering for a variety of causes. She also hosts a charity auction block pary annually. A very busy lady with three proud sons.


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Repost from @gregoryhergert using @RepostRegramApp - Great show tonight at Talon Gallery in Portland the gallery owner Neil M Perry is in front of John Casey's fantastic sculpture called Priggriny the show titled Little Utopias celebrates the writing of Margaret Atwood #talongallery #neilmperry #johncasey #margaretatwood #greghergert


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