Hands & Pants in SF Saturday!


John Casey’s ongoing collaborative project “Hands & Pants” will be displayed in July at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco. The opening will be on Saturday, July 6th, 6-9pm.

Participating artists so far include: Ashley Hinceman, Jared Roses, Jon Blythe, Adam 5100, Gaily Ezer, Henry Boyle, Joshua Mayes, Joseph Murdach, John Williams, Sophie Leininger, Lucien Shapiro, Santos Shelton, Kristi Holohan, David Polka, Mario Navasero, Ryan McJunkin, Joanne Ludwig, Lauren Napolitano, Tallulah Terryll, Ari Schindler, Linda Braz, Rafael Tapia, Emily Coker, Deth P. Sun, Gregory Jacobsen, Nathaniel Parsons, Kerri Lee Johnson, Derek Weisberg, Ronny Jones, Micke Tong, Mia Chistopher, Marcos Lafarga, Erik Otto, Jake Watling, Ryan De La Hoz, Sacha Eckes, Martha Sue Harris, Teppei Ando, Pete Glover, Michele Theberge, Matt Decker, Dave Higgins, Morten Hemmingsen Sørup, Maya Kabat, Tigre Bailando, Gwen Thompson, Tara Foley, Justin Lovato, Jon Carling, Justin Angelos, Michael Mellon, Robert Hardgrave, Erik Parra, Althea James, Brian Caraway, Erik Friedman, Alison OK Frost, Billy Sprague, Rick Beaupre, Aaron Petersen, Scott Greenwalt, Mary Mortimer, James Kaufmann, Max Kauffman, David Fullarton, Andrew James Jones, Daryll Peirce, Madeline Tonzi, Dan Nelson, Samantha Lautman, Alison Tharp, Alex Rosmarin, and Mary Kalin-Casey.

“Hands & Pants” is a broad collaborative venture, employing 70+ of John Casey’s artist peers. John drew either hands or pants (blue-jean-clad waist-down shod figures) or both, in his simple pen-and-ink style on 8″x10″ Bristol paper. An invited artist was given the hands and/or pants and asked to complete the figure in any way the artist saw fit. John’s intent was to create a collective storyboard using the “Hands & Pants” motif as a common recognizable character engaged in a variety of manifestations. However, the returned collaborations have gone far beyond John’s expectations in sheer artistic variety, producing an extended family of unique, individual beings.

Check out the collaborations here.

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