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The “Art Dorks: Rise!” groups show is coming up at space:eight in St. Augustine, FL, opening on October 4th. The work featured in the show is made by members of the Art Dorks Collective. Artists include: John Casey, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Hergert, Gergory Jacobsen, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Dan May, Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley Murphy, Kristian Olson, Matthew Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Meagan Ridley, Kim Scott, and Scott Wilson.

Florida-based StareHouse interviewed me and a number of other Dorks for the show. You can read them here. Some really great questions in here from Dan A. Brown asked me some really solid questions. This is my favorite kind of interview with well-considered questions.

My art…

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Trumpet Flowers, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 14” x 11”, 2018 #art #drawing #pencil #coloredpencils #studiotime


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