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NIAD Art Center press info: “The pilot episode of “The Art Show” talks with Oakland artist John Casey about his drawings and sculptures, seeing his art tattooed on folks and covering the beginning of the East Bay art scene as a blogger. Oh yeah, and what’s really in “ham” salad. Casey is one of the more than 80 contemporary artists who generously donated work to our annual fundraiser Win Win 2. Yeah, we decided to give podcasting a whirl. “The Art Show,” produced by and recorded at NIAD Art Center, is hosted by Gallery Director Tim Buckwalter and Gallery Assistant Katie Johnson. Each episode features an interview with a local, national or NIAD artist talking about contemporary art… with a few brief, but interesting asides. Thanks for tuning in”.


NIAD Art Center is having it’s annual fundraiser known as “Win Win 2” coming up soon. I made these 6″x6″ panels for their raffle/entry gift wall. Lot’s of talented folks contributing this year.





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