Shooting Gallery/White Walls

These shows at Shooting Gallery/White Walls ended some time ago. My pal Ashley Hinceman was in town a few weeks back, and we visited the gallery. Some really great stuff in each of the project and gallery spaces.


The WW main gallery space has a show titled “Alphabet Show: Every Letter Counts.” It features work by APEX, Remi Rough, Cyrcle, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Greg Gossel, Jet Martinez, Mike Shine, Poesia, TL_tv, Adam Ziskie, Helen Bayly, Meryl Pataky, Chad Hasegawa, Sergio Garcia, New Bohemia Signs, Ben Eine, Cope2, Mike Tyau, Alvaro Rozan, and Natalia Rak.



In the SG main gallery, John Felix Arnold had a terrific show of his work titled “Pilgrimage.” So dang good!


Some nice project space shows by Helen Bayly and Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.


Robert Minervini and Adam Friedman installed a great display in another of the project spaces!



And last, but certainly not least, is the show “Space Squared” curated by Sven Davis (the fine gent who curated my show at Breeze Block in PDX) featuring a boatload of great artists working on sqaure panels. Pretty darn epic.

My art…


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