stARTup Art Fair 2016

General Admission Public Hours

Friday, April 29: Noon – 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 30: Noon – 9:00 PM
Sunday, May 1: Noon – 7:00 PM

Hey art pals, I will be participating in the stARTup Art Fair, in San Francisco this year at the Hotel del Sol in the Marina district. For the 2016 edition of the fair, 42 artists were selected, and each artist will be exhibiting their work in each of the hotel rooms. You can view the full list here. I will be exhibiting in room 216. Tickets are available on the stARTup Art Fair website. This is an event not to be missed!

Aside from the display of my framed drawings and small sculpture, I have some fun and unique things I am working on for this particular event. I am embracing the hotel room aesthetic and making some soft-sculpture “occupants” for the king-sized bed.

I also have a limited edition John Casey pint glass ($15 each), and a 1″ enamel pin ($10 each). If you cannot make the fair, and you wish to purchase these items, check out my shop page here.

I hope to see you at the Hotel del Sol!

stARTup Art Fair
Hotel del Sol
3100 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA

APRIL 29 – MAY 1, 2016

Get tix ($15) on the stARTup Art Fair website.

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Hand-Eye Coordination


Original drawing

I recently made a cutout for Galerie Polaris for a recent group show and it was very well received. Here is my second cutout for the gallery made from plywood that I cut with a handheld jigsaw. Then I sand and paint the cutout. I like the way these are coming out and may make more, but maybe just for Paris going forward.


Pre-sketch for cutout


Projection transfer drawing


Painted off-white plywood and painting in lines


Finished piece


Held for scale

Hands & Pants 6!


Faultline Artspace
850 42nd Ave #2D
(Entrance and Parking at 815 High Street)
Oakland, CA 94601

Show dates: January 16, – February 27, 2016

“Hands & Pants” is a broad collaborative venture, employing 100+ of John’s artist peers. John drew hands and/or pants in his simple pen-and-ink style on 8”x10” Bristol paper. An invited artist was given the hands and/or pants and asked to complete the figure in any way the artist saw fit. John’s intent was to create a collective storyboard using the “Hands & Pants” motif as a common recognizable character engaged in a variety of manifestations. However, the returned collaborations have gone far beyond John’s expectations in sheer artistic variety, producing an extended family of unique, individual beings, a tribe of sorts, like Bay Area artists, all sharing a creative passion, yet each unique in that endeavor.

This exhibition at Faultline Artspace is the 6th of this ever-growing body of work over the last few years. “Hands & Pants” has previously been exhibited at MOCO Gallery in Oakland, 63 Bluxome in San Francisco, Swarm Gallery in Oakland, The Rare Bird in Oakland, and Gallery 85 in San Jose.

Artists (so far) include: Bud Snow, David Polka, Lexa Walsh, Kelly MacDonald, Bill Dunlap, Hannah Farrell, William Smith, Hunter Mack, Ashley Hinceman, Porous Walker, Janis Anton, Wendy Anne Crittenden, Justin Angelos, Billy White, Jonathan Velazquez, Aisha Ivery, Zachary Sweet, Mario Navasero, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner, Bill Miller, Fred Noland, Sasha Laurel, Yosiell Lorenzo, Daryll Peirce, Mark Haven Britt, Andreina Davila, David Vieira, Rocky Angel, Jake Watling, Jaime Lakatos, Crystal Morey, Felicia Ann, Chavez Smith, Smuttywood, Steven Russell Black, Narankgar Glover, Pete Glover, Dave Higgins, Anika Chasuk, Tina Erickson, Dyanna Beckwith, Mariola Paen, Matt Reynoso, Joshua Mays, Lena Reynoso, Neil Perry, David Seiler, Nick Francis, Conrad Crespin , Steve Ferrera, Mary Kalin-Casey, Jared Roses, Jon Blythe, Adam 5100, Gaily Ezer, Henry Boyle, Joseph Murdach, John Williams, Sophie Leininger, Lucien Shapiro, Santos Shelton, Kristi Holohan, Ryan McJunkin, Joanne Ludwig, Tallulah Terryll, Ari Schindler, Linda Braz, Rafael Tapia, Emily Coker, Deth P. Sun, Gregory Jacobsen, Nathaniel Parsons, Kerri Lee Johnson, Derek Weisberg, Ronny Jones, Micke Tong, Mia Christopher, Marcos LaFarga, Ryan De La Hoz, Sacha Eckes, Martha Sue Harris, Teppei Ando, Michele Theberge, Matt Decker, Morten Hemmingsen Sørup, Maya Kabat, Tigre Bailando, Gwen Thompson, Tara Foley, Justin Lovato, Jon Carling, Michael Mellon, Erik Parra, Althea James, Brian Caraway, Erik Friedman, Alison OK Frost, Billy Sprague, Aaron Petersen, Scott Greenwalt, Mary Mortimer, James Kaufmann, Max Kauffman, David Fullarton, Andrew James Jones, Madeline Tonzi, Dan Nelson, Samantha Lautman, Alison Tharp, and Alex Rosmarin.

Collaborations: $150.00 each.
Contact if you wish to purchase any of these drawings.

Eye Beard


“Eye Beard”, pencil and colored pencil, on paper, 11 x 14 inches, 2016

Fruit Bowl


“Fruit Bowl”, acrylic on panel, 16″x12″, 2015

Mr. Pink


Mr. Pink, pencil and colored pencil on paper, 14″x11″, 2015

Bomb Pop


Ms. Universe


Sculptures in Black and White

Or off-white technically…






My art…

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